Refinancing that Helps Drive Business Forward


If you’ve got existing business assets, it makes sense to work them as hard as possible and that can include restructuring existing finance agreements to extend your financial reach and support your cash flow.

In simple terms refinancing utilises equity in assets already owned or leased by you. These assets can be owned outright, or on an existing finance agreement. Once approved for credit, we agree the value of the assets with you, any existing finance is settled, and you will receive the balance of the valuation. Cash released from the re-finance can be used for many purposes, including a deposit on new assets for your business.

These new assets could make the difference to being able to develop a new sales opportunity, refine a distribution method or open a whole new business channel.

Refinancing is the best way to maximise proceeds from your existing assets to grow your business whilst still having use of the assets.

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What Other Types of Finance We Provide

Finance Lease

Using Finance Lease offers all the benefits you would expect from bringing a valuable asset into the business, without the responsibility of ownership.

Hire Purchase

A steady and straightforward financial commitment, with fixed payments and fixed terms, you know where you are with a hire purchase agreement.

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