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We’re proud of the high level of service we provide to our customers and partners, whether you’re a large or small enterprise we’ll always deal with you in a totally professional manner, with a friendly, personal ‘one-to-one’ approach.

Our Process

Step 1

Your submitted proposal will be carefully assessed by one of our experienced underwriters. Our open-minded approach to lending means we will consider new starts and look into the circumstances behind CCJ’s to evaluate if lending may be viable, setting us apart from lenders who use computer generated systems.

Step 2

The business asset(s) which you propose to lend against will then be valued by the same underwriter allowing us to give a fast turn-around, so you will normally have a decision within six working hours.

Step 3

Once your proposal is accepted our underwriter will send out an acceptance detailing the terms of the lend and all of the supporting documentation that we will require to payout.

Step 4

Our processing team will guide you through the documents signing and check all the supporting information is valid and meets the conditions of the acceptance to get to payout stage as quickly as possible. We can take a proposal through to payout within 24 hours allowing as little disruption and hassle as possible.

Step 5

After payout our processing team will send a welcome pack with all of the documentation you require, as they get to know our customers from the acceptance stage we are able to offer a personal service, and will be available to answer any queries throughout the term of your agreement.

Case Studies


We were asked to provide a refinance package of £200,000 against two crushing machines. Due to the age and type of machinery, the customer had struggled…

An Existing Customer

A current customer experienced a breakdown on his haulage vehicle. Whilst at the dealership to discuss the repair, he spotted an ideal replacement vehicle…

A Brokered Deal

Catfoss were contacted by a Broker who was trying to raise additional cash for their prospective customer, whilst simultaneously reducing their monthly outgoings…

Helpful Information for Customers


Our help with a few commonly asked questions.

Settlement Figure

Information about obtaining a settlement figure.

Legal Matters

All our legal and regulatory information.

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